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Find an Architect/Designer You Like
Create beautiful/creative plans
Request an estimate from several contractors
Go into Sticker Shock
Go back to designer and compromise, compromise, compromise
Generate new plans
Repeat steps 3 through 6 until estimates match your budget
Decide on a contractor
Overrun 10-20% on price for things the contractor missed
Re-plan your life around project delays and compromises


Talk with a Design/Build Team, describing your hopes and dreams for your space
Discuss how use of your space will change over the next 5-10 years.
See plans that make your heart sing
See one estimate that meets your budget
Begin construction with a fixed cost and completion date.



What is Design-Build?

Design/Build involves collaboration between Architect/Designer and the Builder from the very start of the project. Instead of the Architect/Designer designing a project and then the home owner going out and getting several bids and hoping they will fit into the their budget; the Builder and the Designer work hand in hand to assure that the project stays within budget.


What is Design-Bid?

Design/Bid is just the opposite. The home owner will hire a local Cypress architect or designer that may not fully understand the prices of construction or that may just tell the home owner what they want to hear in order to get them to sign the contract and get measuring the house. Then when the plans are done, maybe $8,000.00 later, the home owner sends the plans our for bid. Many times this results in major embarrassment of the home owner when the bids come back tens of thousands of dollars more than they budgeted.


How to start a Home Remodeling or Renovation Project?

Sometimes it is better to choose a contractor first, establish a budget and a scope of work, get a fully detailed contract and then design the plans to fit your budget and contract. Many home owners don't want to disclose their budget, but this is important when working with a design-build contractors...  You are not signing any contracts, you are negotiating and communicating and not wasting time!


Flow chart for a design-build construction remodeling project in Orange County, CA


Design/Build Remodeling means one team is your designer, advisor, advocate and builder.


Design/Build teams generally include an Architect/Designer and General Contractor who work together with you to bring the best of both worlds to your project. Not only do you get a trained, creative side; you also get a practical, construction experience that, when joined into a team, put you in charge of your project.


As the client, "YOU" are the most important member of the team because your wishes and ideas drive the design, material selection and budget through a collaborative process. We're here to advise you with design ideas, potential costs & problems, scheduling and to ensure execution is perfect. The traditional method puts you in the middle of a tug of war with your budget, the architect, the contractor and the myriad of selections that need to be made. What products make sense - functionally and stylistically? Which fit your budget? Where do you go to see and select them?

What are the benefits of choosing a Design/Build Remodeler?

Early knowledge of “Firm Cost” Guaranteed construction costs are known far earlier than in any other delivery process. The Design/Build Team is responsible for design while providing you feedback on construction costs. You get to make cost vs. benefit decisions during the design, allowing you to make informed decisions before construction starts.


Cost Savings
A Design/Build team build projects daily. We know material and labor costs and can help you evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and accurately while achieving the same end result within your budget. A design/build team also has significant experience in construction. That means we can see or anticipate potential problems during the design process and plan for them ahead of the construction process. Rarely are there hidden costs after the project has started.


A Professional Design
With a professional design there's a firm plan with defined costs, defined materials and a confirmed timeline to complete the work.


Any jackwagon contractor can come and promise to remodel your property. They'll take your description and build a bullet list of "to do's" along with a project estimate. This isn't a design, it's a wish list without a firm plan, costs and an allowance for materials. Once construction starts, costs go up with change orders and material selections - You continue to pay because you have to get it done. A professional design firm doesn't allow that to happen.


Service & Guarantee
With design and construction in the hands of a single entity, you have a single point of responsibility for the quality, cost and completion of your project.






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