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A good set of home design plans is extremely important in order to keep your room addition or home remodeling project on budget and on schedule. Orange County Construction has an in-house home designer, we don't sub it out. This allows us better control in designing your home in Cypress and allows us to offer a full design-build service. You don't need to pay the high fees of an architect to get a great set of home design plans or blueprints. Our services include 3D renderings for a better vision of your new home before construction starts. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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This is the process of designing a home remodel or addition



Orange County Construction will first meet with you at your home or business and chat with you about what your needs are and possibly discuss a budget to work with based on the information you supply us with. We will tell you about all the possible fees that others might not mention to you on the first visit. We want you to have all the information about your home in Cypress before you start. Such other fees you might be required to pay along with the home design fees are: structural engineering fees, title 24 fees, city plan check fees, city permit fees, soils engineering and special inspections.


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